Shared experiences build stronger teams and customer relationships. We are here to help make your experience memorable. We have hosted a number of  events bring together teams, customers, vendors and community, and will be happy to make your event special. The most common events are as follows but we'll be happy to work with you on other ideas as well:

1) Virtual ice cream tasting parties: In a hybrid virtual and in-person world, ice cream tasting is a great way to engage groups. A tasting party includes:

  • A tasting pack delivered (in the SF bay area) or shipped (anywhere in the U.S.) to each participant ahead of the event.
  • Each tasting pack will contain 4 or 6 flavors to appeal to a variety of taste palates.
  • If requested, one of our founders will join the tasting party for a few minutes to introduce the flavors and the brand. This is usually about 15 minutes and the rest of the time is your group socializing while enjoying the great flavors! 

2) In-person tasting parties: If all participants are in the same area, in-person tasting parties work great. We can deliver your tasting packs to your location in the SF bay area. For non-local events, we can work with you to see if delivery would work. Attendance of one our team members is subject to availability for in-person events.