Values and Policies

We are a values driven business, owned and operated by two friends, who are mothers to four children and two dogs. Ice cream is not just a business for us. It's an expression of our creativity, care, and love. 

As such, the values and principles that guide us include:

  • Health above profits. We will not compromise on quality of ingredients to save a few dollars. The health of our customers and their loved ones is more valuable than a higher margin. 
  • Sustainable growth. We don't want to grow too big too fast. Growth should be enjoyable, not uncomfortable. 
  • Inclusive. We welcome customers from all backgrounds, and with all kinds of diet preferences. We are one of the few ice cream brands that do not include eggs. We have many vegan options and will continue to add more. If you have other dietary needs and think we can customize our ice creams for you, please reach out. Our small batch operations allow us to accommodate requests with orders of 3 pints or more (of the same flavor). 
  • We are our dogs' humans. It's paramount to keep those dogs happy, and not make them feel left out when we are enjoying great ice cream. Therefore, we carry special ice creams for dogs.